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The goal of this company is to help coaches with best practices, help coaches avoid common pratfalls, and help teams with customized and personalized consultation for a variety of issues a team might face. As coach of a league team, a club team, or high school team, the head coach is like the CEO of a small organization. Just as businesses seek consultation as they grow, a coach faces a variety of questions throughout a season. Many of those reading this are early in their coaching career and might feel well served by bouncing ideas off someone else. Because we work with teams from a variety of levels, our consultants encompass a wide array of levels of coaching. We try to provide our clients with partners best suited for your particular circumstance.

We’re really good at time management and how to organize practices. While it’s easy to get all sorts of practice plans off the internet, no company is set up to customize those practices like Home Run Coaching Consultants. As a coach, you’ll also be figuring things out like how to establish the right culture of your team; how to work with parents; what to look for in parents when deciding which kids to bring onto a travel team; game management and team philosophies; and things you may not have even thought of. We worked through all these things as well as some off-the-field problems where kids were in very dark places emotionally in the past few years. While those weren’t issues with the majority of our kids, they’re certainly out there. Having a resource to talk to about those scenarios would have certainly been helpful when we were working through those situations.

We offer different packages which all include Zoom or Teams meetings with our clients and follow-up with suggested practice plans. We’re happy to keep our discussions to what needs to be done on the field but are also available to talk about off-field issues. We can either lead our meetings and suggest topics or move onto topics at the top of our client’s minds.

Our goals transcend some of the bread and butter topics above. Over the years, we’ve seen how coaches can have huge, positive, long-term impact on their players. A good coach can be a mentor for young athletes, do good, and impart values that nobody else might be talking about to kids. While winning, proper mechanics, and situational awareness are vital to the success of a team, it’s the relationships, experiences, accomplishments, and memories that stay with kids throughout their lives. 

Home Run Coaching Consultants can help coaches set an atmosphere for any or all of the above mentioned goals – this is how we gauge our success.

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