Common Topics

You could probably think of 100 things to put on this list. These 10 are some of the main ones that come to mind. Just like every team is unique, so are the issues and challenges that come up for each team. That’s why we’re here. Let Home Run Consulting be there for you when you need help for these or any other questions that might come up.

Creating Your Team Culture From Day One
Player Communication : Be Genuine, Consistent, & Fair
Learning From The Last Game/Tournament—How to Review, Assess, and Grow as a Team and Individually
Planning and Reserving Practice Locations and Home Dates For the Upcoming Season
Practice Plans and Building On Previous Practices
Travel Plans: Booking Hotels, Team Meals, and Activities In Advance
Good Communication With Parents/Appropriate Boundaries For Parents
What Are We Bad At? Let’s Get Good At It.
Adding the Right Mix of Team Building Events

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