John Knauf, President/Owner

For close to a decade, I coached fastpitch teams and watched girls develop from recreational players to competitive club players who were able to thrive on their summer team and be leaders of their high school team. In one multi-year cycle, we were able to, start a club team from scratch and grow through all the challenges, problems, and successes that teams have as they work their way through the competitive landscape. We had our good seasons. We had a couple seasons where we struggled. Overall, we won more than we lost, but we always seemed to be a little bit better than our talent level would have predicted before the season started.

More importantly, we created positive cultures every season. We emphasized the importance of supporting our teammates, staying positive with each other, and treating each player the way everyone would want to be treated. Not only did that help us on the field, but it also left most of our girls with a feeling that the months they just played with us was a positive and happy part of their lives—and our kids REALLY need things to keep them happy and engaged right now.

With the experience of coaching girls from younger days through seeing them become strong high school and/or competitive club players, I saw a niche for coaches going through some of those same types of situations and challenges. Our company is unique because we customize our service to your particular team and needs. While there are countless websites that provide pre-made practice plans, Home Run Coaching Consultants is set up to allow our clients to have a “sounding board” and an experienced resource to partner with you either at a certain point of the season or throughout your season.

Through the years, I’ve worked in sportscasting and coaching. It was never on a huge scale, but it was at levels where I was able to talk to a lot of people. I have experience speaking to over 100 different coaches in various sports and at various levels from high school to college. As I delved into coaching, I drew on what I learned from a lot of the coaches I talked to over the years. The ones I really liked and respected shaped how I wanted to do things as our team grew and as I was coaching our club team with girls from a number of Colorado high schools. In the seven seasons I coached, we played hundreds of games, had about the same number of practices, and coached approximately 40 girls who played or are still playing for a variety of Colorado high schools. For the past five seasons, I kept all of those practice plans and have a really good record of things we did at different age and ability levels. I further refined my planning and thinking through the years and have been shaped by what worked best and what didn’t work as well.

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