Welcome to the season. Whether you’re a new coach or an experienced veteran, you’ve got a huge job ahead. You’re not just a head coach—you’re the CEO of a small organization. It’s up to you to create a good culture, build good relationships with your players and their parents, make sure you have fields for practices, schedule games and tournaments, and the list goes on and on.

Coaches are General Managers in charge of putting a team together; administrators who coordinate practice times and team logistics; travel agents who plan details for travel to tournaments; PR directors who needs to communicate with families; and the person responsible for helping players get better and helping the team have a successful season.

Home Run Coaching Consultants is designed for coaches, league directors, and heads of youth organizations who need a hand. You might be great in some aspects of running things, but need help with a few details. You might need to put together a road map for the season with strategies on how to schedule high quality practices that build on each other; or you might need to work through off-field issues with an advocate and partner that’s not part of the team.

While there are hundreds of websites with practice plans or drills, only Home Run Coaching Consultants is designed to engage our partners personally with follow up plans customized to your needs. Many of our clients want help organizing practices and ideas on how to run a high-level practice. But, we get all kinds of questions. Some of the most common ones are found in our COMMON TOPICS area. If you need some help with those areas or anything else happening with your team or league, we’re here to help you navigate those issues. We’re offering a free introduction to our service. See details at the bottom of this page.


  • Brand New Coaches
  • Youth coaches moving up in age group or level
  • Experienced coaches in a rut an in need of shaking things up or doing something different
  • Good coaches who know the value of objective and honest outside opinions
  • Coaches who are good on the field but need help with off-field admin or other issues
  • High School level coaches in their first years as a high school coach
  • League Directors who want to help all coaches in their league

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