With nearly a decade of experience of starting and growing a club team, John Knauf and the coaches of Home Run Coaching Consultants can help any softball or baseball coach with best practices, avoiding common pratfalls, and helping teams with customized and personalized consultation for a variety of roles and issues that a coach encounters.

With three decades of experience working with coaches through broadcasting and owning a TV production company, John has talked coaching and learned from top coaches at both a collegiate and high school level.  Now, we look to spread that knowledge to coaches from around the country.


  • People brand new to coaching
  • Youth coaches moving up in age group or level
  • Experienced coaches in a rut an in need of shaking things up or doing something different
  • Good coaches who know the value of objective and honest outside opinions
  • Coaches who are good on the field but need help with off-field admin or other issues
  • High School level coaches in their first years as a high school coach
  • Any coach who might feel a little isolated and in need of other perspectives

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